Petroglyph Hikes

Step back in time along a desert trail speckled with Petroglyphs left behind by ancient native civilizations that span from several hundred to more than 7,000 years back. Petroglyphs are rock carvings made by scratching away the dark layer of a rock’s surface to reveal the lighter rock underneath. Hikers can choose from an assortment of trails to lead them on a journey through lifestyles of long ago. The Waterfall Trail traverses by ancint petroglyphs, a selection of cacti and features a waterfall (when flowing); the Superstition Mountains feature the Hieroglyphic Trail, which is short and sweet and ends at an oasis of natural pools; the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area hosts seven miles of trails teeming with desert wildlife including coyotes, snakes, javelinas, birds and more. Visit today’s reminders of a vanished people that existed here long ago.