As a destination management company, RMC believes in the power of an experience, and with that, comes the art of planning. There are countless pivotal elements to consider during the months-long preparation process of a premier event including and not limited to; venue location, food and refreshments, activities, decorations, entertainment, and much more. Below is our recommended corporate event planning checklist to ensure nothing goes overlooked during the entire process, and to help you pull off an event of a lifetime.

  1. Paperwork and Finances
    • Budget – First and foremost, a budget must be established and approved for goals and objectives to be met. Designating a bookkeeper to look after finances, payments, receipts, etc. for the event is a highly recommended to help stay within budget.
    • Licenses – When working with other companies and outside vendors, it is critical to make sure that all laws are being abided. Confirm that licenses and insurances are current, and inspections are up to date.


  1. The Venue

We believe that each event should be special in its own unprecedented way, which makes the destination and venue the perfect place to start. However, there are many essential details to consider when looking for a specific venue for your event.

  • Reflecting back to checkpoint #1, does the cost of the venue fit in the budget? – The venue will most likely be the most expensive item on the list, make sure you leave enough for the rest of the agenda during the event.
  • Is the setting suitable? Will the interior design and scenery coincide with other details for the event?
  • Find out the maximum occupancy.
  • Determine how many rooms are available and if a large room i.e. an auditorium is accessible for presentations or other large performances for the entire group to see.
  • Lastly, ask about all inclusions and exclusions that come with the venue. Make sure to ask about: parking, janitorial services, security, handicap accommodations, kitchen, bar, seating and any other necessities needed for this specific event.


  1. Activities

A spectacular event is nothing without innovative activities. When planning your event, think about your guests. Consider if there will need to be introductions, games to break the ice, team building activities, live entertainment, workshops, presentations, etc. The power of the experience will be remembered through many of these activities – make them count!


  1. Food/Refreshments

What’s an outing without some delicious refreshments? Whether you are serving small appetizers or a buffet style dinner, there are many items to address when it comes to refreshments. Some items on our checklist would be:

  • Special Diets – On the RSVP to the event, ask the guest to list any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Drinks – Will alcohol be served? If so, will there be an open bar? Will bottled water be served? If not, who will provide water dispensers and cups? Will there be any other beverages served: coffee, juice, soda, etc.?
  • Food – Will there be appetizers and desserts along with the main course?
  • Caterers – When going with an outside vendor/caterer, ask about what will be included in their service i.e. dishes, glassware, utensils, and table settings. Have a head count to give to the caterer to ensure they know if they can staff and provide enough food for the event.


  1. Staffing the Event

An event of great stature will require an experienced staff. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work and an experienced staff will know how to handle and delegate various matters appropriately. Here are some things to keep in mind when staffing your event:

  • Greeters – Designate staff members to greet guests as they arrive to the event. Provide all staff with an agenda of the event so that they may properly inform guests with any questions.
  • External Staff – Inform any staff that has been brought on by outside vendors of all expectations of the event including; dress code, manners and contact with guests at the event.
  • Training – Providing a meeting to help train and inform staff of what is to be expected for the day of the event will help everyone to be prepared and well organized.
  • Security – Will security be provided by the venue, brought on through another agency, or attend at all?


  1. On-site Advertising

Upon first glace guests should know who is throwing this event by seeing your company name displayed throughout the venue. You have worked hard (proof: this checklist) to plan every intricate detail for this event, so here are some ways you can demonstrate who put all of this together: Banners, posters, live social media posts, brochures, flyers and guest speaker attributes.


  1. Promoting the Event/Following up After the Event

Now that all aspects for the actual event have been considered, let’s think about the guests. You want them to be excited! This isn’t the type of meeting they experience on a day to day basis. This is a unique experience that needs some hype! Here are some ways to do that:

  • Invitations – Have an agenda with some of the entertaining activities that will be at the event.
  • Social Media – Contests, giveaways, and countdowns through social media are great ways to keep guests involved and interested in what is to come during the event.
  • Advertising – Provide a media package for newspapers, radio stations, television, and event bloggers about the event.
  • After the Event – Providing surveys to inquire about how guests enjoyed their night, is a great way to gauge how you will put together your next event.


If this seems at all too overwhelming, then leave it to the professionals. When given the opportunity to put together your special occasion, RMC will not leave a single detail neglected. From beginning to end, it is our responsibility and priority to examine every aspect of the planning and execution process, and we will ensure your event is one for the books. RMC is built on providing authentic experiences and personal service, and we will tailor your corporate event specific to your company’s wishes. To learn more, visit