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RMC Staff - Top DMC in North America

Through 27 years of creating premier events and amazing experiences, RMC has built personal connections in North America’s finest destinations.

RMC’s remarkable growth and authentic service, however, has not occurred because of chance. RMC’s success has come from our passionate and talented employees who work hard everyday to ensure that every RMC client experiences something extraordinary.
Sarah Carey

RMC is all about people. Every RMC employee adds something personal and creative to each destination and every client. The RMC team is lead by inspired managers who are passionate about designing spectacular events in exceptional locations.

  • Sarah Anne Carey
  • Catherine Rohrstaff
  • Marco Morales
  • Kevin Funke
  • Khatya Perez
  • Vangel Yurukov
  • Scott Dixon


Sarah Anne Carey, our Director Creative Development, is central to RMC’s creative drive and innovative growth. During Sarah’s fourteen years with RMC, she has pushed our team to be dynamic, inspired, and engaged. Sarah Anne Carey’s creative passion has been vital to our success and growth. It’s an honor to introduce RMC’s Spotlight Employee, Sarah Anne Carey.

Sarah800x800Meet Sarah Anne Carey—Director of Creative Development

Hometown: Aspen, Colorado 
College: University of Denver

Where do you live?
I live in Park City, Utah.

What do you do at RMC?
My department is Creative Development (CD). CD’s main purpose is to create client proposals and invoices, and assist with site manuals and sales presentations. In addition, we source new products, engage in social media, and create new décor themes. We have 6 members within CD and are located in Park City, UT, St. Louis, MO, and Boston, MA. Geographic diversity allows us to service our offices across multiple time zones.

How did you get started in destination management?
Fortunately, I was born into this industry. My mother, Shawn Thomson Palermo, owns RMC and taught me this industry at a young age. As I grew older, I fell in love with creating events and seeing something materialize from only an idea in my head. 11+ years later, I still get as excited, if not more, about the special events that RMC orchestrates.

Why is creativity an important aspect of event planning and destination management?
Creativity is the life source of event planning and destination management. We service clients who travel all over the world, experience international acts, and enjoy all of life’s luxuries.

When our clients travel to RMC’s destinations, it’s important for us to compliment and enhance these stunning locations. We do this by providing experiences that are unique, engaging, and
jaw-dropping…the only way that we achieve this is if we stay creative, imaginative, and inspired. Creativity allows us to open doors, reinvent a space, and provide special moments for our clients.

What is special about the Creative Development team and what makes your team successful?
Everyone on the Creative Development team is dynamic, engaged, and inspired. We encourage a work life balance. As a leadership style I have adopted Deepak Chopra’s concepts and it has brought us huge success. Everyone on the team is instrumental. We all share the same responsibilities. This creates a self-sufficient unit. All voices are heard when making a decision. I have an open door policy allowing for honest and constant communication, and we have bi-weekly team meetings. In life, change happens, employees leave and join.  We celebrate weddings and embrace motherhood.  Every change impacts the dynamic of Creative Development, but our leadership style encourages personal happiness. We continue to grow and achieve great success.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?
This is easy, design. Creating something in my mind’s eye, drawing it on paper, the client falling in love, bringing all of the elements together, and sitting back to see it. The moment is epic and I could do it every day of my life!

What inspires you?
Inspiration comes from everywhere, a hike, Conde Naste, magazines, Pinterest, my actual events. There are so many ways to find that awe ha moment. The awe ha moment is when you find something that you know a client will love. Inspiration also comes from the passion and joy of creating something amazing. It’s a strum internally. You do what you love, and in my case that’s events.

What’s the best event or the most unique experience that you’ve help create at RMC?
Wow, great question. The best, there really is no best. One that comes to mind, a few years ago we brought an important group to Telluride and held an event at a Gorrono Ranch, which is a stunning mountain venue surrounded by national forest overlooking the San Juan mountains.

The sun went down around 7:30pm. The venue had these barn wood wrap around decks that faced the mountains where the most incredible sunset was occurring. Singing and playing guitar, these two amazing performers, Joy and Eric, were grabbing everyone’s heart through their voices. Everyone was relaxed, content, and 100% in the moment – epic!

What are you excited about to create, see, and do 2016?
We’re excited about bamboo tents, vending machine gift giving, and live social media at events. This year alone, we have multiple ’town taker overs’ or city street closures. With servicing so many destinations, we’re intermixing our décor events, and bringing something different to clients in those destinations. The owner of RMC travels all over the world and is becoming more involved in our department, encouraging us to step out of our boxes and that truly the skies are the limit. And it’s so great to see what we’re creating because of it. This summer we’re excited to get out and see some of these events come to life and bring that excitement back to the drawing board.


RMC continues to grow and gain new employees. We’re delighted to introduce some of our newest employees and let them answer a few questions about RMC.

Catherine Rohrstaff800x800Meet Catherine Rohrstaff—Aspen Operations Manager

Hometown: Birmingham, AL (Mountain Brook)
College: University of Alabama

What do you like most about working at RMC?
RMC is a great place to work because it’s a creative and stimulating environment that feeds the needs of our clients and constantly raises the bar for the company. It’s a win, win!

How does your background and passion translate directly into your work at RMC?
I come from a line of great southern hostesses. Combine that with 25 years of RMC training and I may be the “Hostess with the Mostess.” Loving it, makes it easy and a pleasure!

*What’s the best event or the most unique experience that you’ve help create at RMC?  
Wow! I don’t know if I can pick one specific event. There have been some pretty spectacular components to so many programs. One of the most “unique” experiences I recall was feeding a nude model her dinner while she stood perfectly still and had her body painted for a SKYY Vodka event. Not being an everyday occurrence, I think that defines “unique.” RMC does it all!!

Meet Marco Morales—Director of Sales and Events

marco800x800finalHometown: Los Cabos, Mexico
College: University of Guadalajara

What do you like most about working at RMC?
RMC is a DMC that is well known in the US market, and now in Los Cabos.  It’s the perfect place to work. RMC listens to its client’s needs, but also listens to its employee’s input and experience. This creates the best work environment.

How does your background and passion translate directly into your work at RMC?
I have 20+ years of experience in the DMC industry and have lived in Los Cabos for 18 years. Throughout these years, I’ve created a great relationship with key people in the Los Cabos tourism industry. From hoteliers, to catering and activities suppliers, to the RMC staff that believe and rely on my commitment to providing flawless service, I’m an amazing resource for Los Cabos destination management services.

Meet Kevin Funke—Director of Business Development

Kevin800x800Hometown: Ithaca, NY (really Freewill, NY, but it only has a four corners)
College: RIT- Rochester Institute of Technology

What do you like most about working at RMC?
Although RMC has been a successful company for over 27 years, there’s an entrepreneurial culture that welcomes creativity and rewards thinking outside the box to inspire our clients.

How does your background and passion translate directly into your work at RMC?
As a hospitality veteran of over 28 years, and having worked on both as a hotel and client, I offer a unique perspective on aligning unique, authentic experiences to meet the goals and objectives of our clients.

Meet Khatya Perez—Sales Manager

Khatya800x800Hometown: Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico
College: Cabo San Lucas

What do you like most about working at RMC?
There are opportunities for personal development. RMC is a responsible company that thinks a lot about their employees and our working conditions.

How does your background and passion translate directly into your work at RMC?
Everything is about responsibility and the confidence that we transmit to our clients.

What’s the best event or the most unique experience that you’ve help create?  
A Mansion Dine Around for 900 people has been the most unique experience that I’ve created. We used 11 different Residences during one night and each home was prepared according to the sales Regions of this company. Menu, décor, and music matched their represented regions.

Meet Vangel Yurukov—Controller

Vangel Yurukov800x800Hometown: Velingrad, Bulgaria, located near the border with Greece.
College: BA, University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria. MBA, Regis University, Denver, Colorado

What do you like most about working at RMC?
RMC is a great place to work because the job is very dynamic, the company is growing rapidly, and there are 14 different locations in the most beautiful places in USA and Mexico. RMC has great potential. I’m really happy to be a part of a team that’s working towards RMC’s success and growth.

How does your background and passion translate directly into your work at RMC?
My position at RMC allows me to develop my financial skills even further and it allows me to be part of the decision making process for the future growth and expansion of RMC. I have studied business and I have been involved in development projects at my previous position, so I’m really passionate applying my knowledge and to the success of RMC.

What’s the best event or the most unique experience that you’ve help create at RMC?
I started working at RMC a month ago, so I haven’t had the opportunity to experience a great deal of events. However, unique experiences happen every day. Whether it’s reconciling a discrepancy in an account, meeting with the CPA advisors to go over accounting processes, or conference calls with Mexico and other offices to review sales numbers and program goals, there’s always something exciting going on at RMC.

Meet Scott DixonOperations Manager

Scott Dixon800x800Hometown: Macon, GA
College: MassArt

What do you like most about working at RMC?
Well my official first day is tomorrow, April 25 2016. But I have been contracting with RMC for a while and RMC is very supportive of their teammates. Event the leadership team jumps right in to support us.

*How does your background and passion translate directly into your work at RMC?
I started in this industry in décor, design, and production using my background in Interior Design as a tool for stage set design. I’ve traveled the world doing corporate meetings and events as an independent contractor and now settling down in the city I love doing what I love.

What’s the best event or the most unique experience that you’ve help create at RMC?
A while back when Jonathan Fogleman was with RMC, I assisted him in Telluride for an amazing event for a food service company. Their expectations were really high and we met them.