RMC Named to Top 25 DMCs Worldwide

This Summer, for the 12th straight year, Special Events Magazine has released its list of the Top 25 Destination Management Companies in the World. And this year, Special Events Magazine has once again named RMC: Resorts Mountains Cities to an exclusive list of the world’s best Destination Management Companies, known as DMCs. RMC has now been recognized as one of the world’s top DMC for four years in a row.RMC Top 25 Destination Management Company Woldwide

“Being named as one the world’s top DMCs is a great honor,” said Shawn Thomson-Palermo, RMC’s Owner and CEO. “RMC is all about its people. I’m so proud of our amazing employees. At RMC, we know that quality Destination Management requires creativity, local connections, and unyielding passion. We love creating extraordinary experiences with our clients.”

Over the past twenty years, the demand for destination corporate events has expanded dramatically. Giving employees and executives experiences in spectacular locations has proven to be both rewarding and beneficial for business development. When colleagues come together in spectacular destinations, inspiration increases and innovative ideas are discovered. Team building, relaxation, and creativity are just some of the many benefits that businesses have received while embracing destination events.

The expansion of corporate events has led to the rise of Destination Management Companies, professional destination specialists who connect corporations with amazing locations. When big companies and large groups seek to create exceptional events and extraordinary experiences at the finest destinations in the world, they now employ Destination Management Companies. DMCs ensure personalized planning with local businesses and seamless execution of large events.

RMC: Resorts Mountains Cities has been at the forefront of Destination Management for over 25 years. Founded in Aspen, Colorado, RMC is known for its consistent services in the world’s top destinations. As RMC has expanded to new locations, like Cabo San Lucas, MX, and Austin, TX, the company has maintained a high level of personalized service. “RMC’s leadership team is structured to oversee all 500-plus programs with the same attention to detail, no matter which office you’re operating your program in,” said Shawn Thomson-Palermo.

Because Destination Management requires forward thinking, Special Events Magazine was sure to highlight how Top DMCs are addressing trends in the industry. Many DMCs are noticing increased demand and confidence as well as expanding markets in Latin America and across the globe. RMC pointed out that industry growth requires creative thinking and innovative planning. “Space is becoming limited,” said Shawn Thomson-Palermo. “Businesses are demanding new and creative ideas, activities, and venues for their events. We have amazing plans for 2017. The future of Destination Management is very bright.”