Alicia Ann Vernazzani

Chief Human Resource Director

Executive Team

RMC is thrilled to have Alicia Ann Vernazzani as our Chief Human Resource Director! With over 15 years in Human Resources, Management, and years spent studying abroad, Alicia brings with her, extensive experience, awareness of a vast number of cultures, and a love of travel…all ideal for her new role.

With a passion for Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations – RMC knows Alicia will do great things! RMC’s employees have gained a manager who is invested in their success and development as an individual as well as part of the overall team. As a company, we have gained a leader dedicated to creating a united, educated, and enthusiastic team. Alicia is an excellent listener and has already made great changes in the short few months since being with RMC. Outside of the office, you will find her with her sweet husband, GianPaolo and their two beautiful children, Jonathan and Izzy.