Britney Rase

Finance & HR Coordinator


Britney Rase joined RMC in 2018 as the Finance and HR Coordinator.   Britney is responsible for supporting both the CFO and VP of Human Resources. Aside from general admin duties, Britney also supports Finance Department responsibilities like vendor and payroll management and HR responsibilities such as new hire onboarding and compliance responsibilities. She will assist both Finance and HR in improving processes in place and streamlining special projects for future efficiencies.

Britney, who resides and works in our Lake Charles, Louisiana location, formerly was a Sales Analyst with Big Easy Foods of Louisiana. Along with training new hires on office procedure and policy, she also managed shipment and broker payments – a mix of responsibilities that straddled the line between Finance and HR, much like her role at RMC.

Britney has a busy job with RMC and is busy at home as well with her husband and young son. She also commits her time to her community through supporting several charities and community outreach programs in the Lake Charles area.