Brooke Scott

Sales Manager

Coastal Carolina & Georgia

RMC clients interested in visiting Savannah will work with Sales Manager Brooke Scott, a third-generation Savannah native. Brooke is a history enthusiast and loves to share stories of the Hostess City. Brooke has worked at one of Savannah’s most famous landmark properties – The Olde Pink House, a building dating back to 1771. While Brooke can certainly share stories of Savannah’s rich history with her clients, she can also share her industry expertise. Brooke is a 10-year veteran of the hospitality industry in Savannah. In addition to her time at the Olde Pink House, Brooke has also served as the Sales & Catering Manager for a Savannah hotel group. She has worked with clients to assess and fulfill needs for everything from food and beverage to guest amenities and more.

When Brooke is not working or reading about the history of Savannah and the south, she is probably out on the water in a boat or kayak or enjoying the beach with her husband, young son, and one very spoiled King Charles Spaniel.