Hannah Braue

Accounting Technician


Accounting Technician Hannah Braue worked in high-end hotels for 4 years before getting hired at RMC.  While working at luxury properties on the East Coast as well as in Aspen she learned all of the “ins-and-outs” of hotel operations. Hannah has worked at all hours and in almost every department, both directly and indirectly with guests, clients, and other employees, but organizing things behind the scenes was more her thing, so end-of-the-day reconciling was where she shined. Her attention to detail, organization and focus come in handy on RMC’s Finance team. Hannah helps prepare financial reports, keeps databases up to date, and makes sure members of the Finance team are well-equipped to do their jobs.

Hannah has lived in 5 states across the USA, and she loves traveling, the great outdoors, and exercising.