Jeannie Wilfley

Finance Coordinator


Jeannie Perry Wilfley is a native of the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. Jeannie enjoys meeting new people, and living exciting and fulfilling life experiences, she expresses both as a personal learning and growth experience. Her primary objective is to create positive esprit with all actions.

Before joining the RMC Team, Jeannie worked in accounting for Whole Foods as Cash Up, Wheeler Opera House as Box Office Assistant Manager, Air Wisconsin Airlines as an Administrative Assistant.

Jeannie also pens a column in the local newspaper called “Ps & Qs” dealing with current events and humanity issues in the local area. In addition, Jeannie publishes an online magazine by, for, and about real women ( “Alice” is a platform for women to think specifically about supporting and encouraging each other.

When Jeannie is not busy with her job in the RMC Finance Department, she enjoys hiking in the mountains with her dogs and traveling with her husband when able.