Matthew Wise

Creative Event Manager


Matthew was born and raised in Southern California, where he grew up being surrounded by entertainment venues and offerings which developed his passion for events. As an introduction to the event world, Matthew began working with a nonprofit organization for whom he would produce large-scale, summer camps in different countries in Asia, primarily South Korea and Malaysia.  

Later, Matthew became a seasonal performer at Six Flags Magic Mountain where he worked his way up from a stilt walker to a trainer, and then a production team member. After working on events for many years, he began to pitch concepts and create shows of his own for the park, which allowed him to gain knowledge in many fields such as set design, lighting, audio, stage management, show operations, and event execution. For further professional development, Matthew joined the United States Marine Corps where he served eight years and earned the rank of Corporal. After his time in the Marine Corps, Matthew then moved to Colorado where he discovered RMC and joined the 360FIVE team.  

Matthew is the proud owner of an electric scooter which he loves using to explore new places, in his free time. It makes even small trips to the store an adventure!