Veneta Hristova

Sales & Operations Coordinator

Jackson Hole

Veneta- who goes by Veni – was born and raised in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. She graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance Control in 2014 from the University of Economics, Bulgaria. Although the original plan was to take over her mom’s CPA firm, Since 2012 she has been working in Jackson in hospitality during the summers and fell in love with the industry and the area. For four years she was the Food and Beverage Manager at Hotel Jackson where she helped her team achieve and maintain FORBES 4 stars. Veni enjoys providing excellent service and luxury experiences. In 2018, Veni had a beautiful baby girl, Ava Elise.

In 2019, Veni was introduced to RMC as part of the Event Staff Team. During that time, Veni also helped manage a multi-venue chocolate production company working with hotels and restaurants supplying their desserts. Veni has worked with Master Chocolatier Chef Oscar Ortega (Captain of the US pastry team) developing new business ideas and products.

Veni can speak 3 languages and loves to spend her free time with her daughter- her favorite “Travel Buddy”. They love visiting the beach and new places.