Janiece Landon

Senior Operations Manager

Big Sky

Janiece originally hails from Melbourne, Australia, where she attended Victoria University and received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology. She began her career in Global Trade Management for the world’s largest shipping line, which allowed her to work all around the globe in different trade lines and logistics.

In 2006, Janiece moved to Sydney to study Event Management. After graduating, she moved to the United States, where she first entered the DMC/hospitality world and worked as an account manager for DSC and the Broadmoor, in Colorado Springs. She has had the opportunity to move all over the U.S. (in part to her husband’s job as a pilot) and we are glad to have her in Big Sky as a part of the RMC team.

Janiece loves spending quality time with friends, cooking, entertaining, and exploring the world. She’s a huge fan of animals and volunteers in animal rescue and placement.